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Other Business of Lumiere

Lumiere Technologies Pvt Ltd is an associate company of SpectraA Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. We are Leaders in providing a complete solution for Micro, Macro, Craft, Draft, and Commercial Breweries Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Services. We are providing AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for micro-breweries all over India and we also provide service on single visit basis for Mechanical (Tanks, Agitators, Pipelines, Valves, pumps, Chiller, Boiler, etc), Electrical (Wiring, control panel, etc), Instrumentation (Solenoid valves, Temperature Transmitter, RTD, etc.) and Automation (PLC, HMI, and Programming).

We can help source spares for all materials at genuine prices. Armed with a Team of Experienced Service Engineers to cater to issues related to Mechanical, Electrical, Instrument, and Automation with Programming.

We offer the facility of Mobile Service Van with Welder, Welding Machine setup, Cutting machine, and all tools and tackles.

Details of Services and Rates / Charges

  • To know more about our AMC rates, please approach us for the most genuine prices. In AMC, 'n' Number of service visits shall be provided for the whole year which includes servicing of Boiler, Chiller, Valves Pipelines, Pumps, welding works, Electrical works, Instruments testing, Control Panel checking and PLC Programing with HMI operations and functions, Etc.
  • Single Day visit charges are starting from Rs. 5000/-. For complete general servicing of microbrewery, only 3 visits are sufficient which covers mechanical, electrical & instrumentation. For 3 days- it will cost only Rs. 15000/-(GST extra as applicable) .

  • While servicing the Chiller & Boiler, if any major issues are found we will service the same with original manufacturer's parts at genuine prices.
  • While servicing the Pumps and Agitators, if any major issues are found we will service the same with support from the manufacturer/competent person at genuine prices.
  • Welding works shall be done for minor changes or leakages in the pipeline. If any major changes and welding work shall be done at genuine prices.
  • Instrument testing shall be done to monitor the proper working and feedback signal to the PLC.
  • Electrical works like checking of cables damage, proper terminations and testing shall be done.
  • Control Panel testing with all field equipment like VFD working with Pumps and Agitators, etc shall be done.
  • PLC Program & HMI operation checking with field equipment with necessary interlocks & logic operations with field instruments shall be done.

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